Where homosexuality did not

Finally, how would you explain the simple fact that homosexuals can be so easily distinguished from heterosexuals by their innate physical makeup e,g facial shape and structure? Daniel Submitted by Nobidy's Fool on June 27, - pm. World Health Organ.

Your profession is a fraud.

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where homosexuality did not

It was when the medical discourse pathologizing homosexuality was progressing throughout North America-homosexuality being considered as a mental illness by the American Psychiatric Association APA until and by the World Health Organization until , that the Canadian penal law system in initiated its decriminalization of homoerotic practices with the adoption of the Omnibus Bill Retrieved 21 November On 3 April , a deputy member of the Union of Democrats and Independents , Arnaud Richard, presented an amendment against the exclusion of MSM, which was eventually adopted later in the same month.

Pires, A. If the act is committed with a minor under 18 years of age, the maximum penalty must be pronounced.

Where homosexuality did not
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