Gay Nantes and The Loire The legendary Loire meanders through the imagination

But these subjects, which were copied from actual realities, are scorned in these days of bad taste. Paintings which show the life of the gods, such as the Courtship ofMars and Venus from the House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto at Pompeii Plate 10 , tell us almost nothing of interior layout or decoration, although they reveal the Romans' bold use of colour.

In the Tomb of the Capitals and Reliefs at Cerveteri Plate 3 , we see fluted pilasters, Orientalizing capitals, stucco relief friezes showing weapons, helmets, vases, cups and animals. Please enable javascript in your browser in order to get form work properly.

The interpenetration of elements of one style with those of another sometimes makes precise categorization difficult.

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  • On 25 and 26 June , the course will host the 22nd edition of the "24 Hours of Golf". There is a touch who always receive the of pride in his voice, "Paradise is right here, time and attention they too.
  • Twenty-five-hectare vineyard in the family for eight generations. This panoramic cellar offers a wonderful view of this estate, which overlooks the Aubance.

This third generation of Sologne winemakers welcome you to their estate all year round. Tour the region at your own pace Launched in , the Vélodyssée cycle route crosses the departments of Loire-Atlantique and Vendée, following the Nantes—Brest canal, the banks of the Loire and the coast.

But, whilst other regions show off their renowned châteaux, this region has something truly unique to offer, with exquisite cellars carved into the tufa stone that is everywhere in the Loir Valley region.

Gay Nantes and The Loire The legendary Loire meanders through the imagination
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