And walks grew gayer and more frequent

You'll get more out of walking around with these guys. There is no refuge for us, no one to consult. And yet I must have some ear for music. Hurrah for the illustrious Farragut, the Woman Killer!!! Now all this done by a young lady who remembers eighteen months ago with so much regret that she has lost so much of her high spirits—might argue that her spirits were before tremendous; and yet they were not.

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  • I hardly know myself these last few weeks. He applied then to himself a piece of advice which he later was to give a young relative mentioned in the pages of this Diary: "Always remember that it is best to be in accord with the sentiments of the vast majority of the people in your State.
  • I love that idea.
  • I wonder if the General would have risked it?
  • I laid down on the hard floor to rest my weary bones, thankful that I was so fortunate as to be able to lie down at all.
  • The optimism which prevailed in the South at the outbreak of the war is weU illustrated in the diaries of twelve Southern women.
and walks grew gayer and more frequent

A newly dead man and the show begins at last. At this point you have a 2D projection. But if I am judged by my conversation I have to be granted a little subtlety.

And walks grew gayer and more frequent
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