A nationwide ban on so called gay propaganda any discussion of LGBTQ issues around minors came into

Additionally, many LGBT alumni at the university have been gunned down in the city. When Putin returned to the presidency in —after swapping out for a term with now-Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev—he was greeted by the largest street protests Russia had seen in decades.

In , within the framework of its constitutional principles , [12] Canada was part of the Joint statement on human rights, sexual orientation and gender identity delivered in the United Nations General Assembly , on behalf of 66 countries.

Schools are responsible for providing an educational environment that is free from discriminatory harassment, and this may require them to provide "resources to adopt a broader, educative approach to deal with the difficult issues of harassment, homophobia and discrimination.

Disadvantaged workers usually practice absenteeism , low productivity, inadequate training and high turnover, which make for higher labor costs and lower profits. Various cities, barangays and municipalities throughout the Philippines also have non-discrimination ordinances.

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  • On May 28, Jose Paulino Ovidio Ficart, an inmate at La Victoria prison, allegedly strangled his partner, Maria del Carmen Henriquez Bocio, and then killed himself when the victim visited the prisoner in the prison's infirmary. Police opened an investigation that continued into December.
  • Worried that young people might become gay or lesbian by watching gay parades or reading about gay people in the press, the Ukrainian government is considering eliminating all demonstrations of gay people and gay life in public.
  • Furthermore, the Attorney General's Office instructed all its officers that investigations and presentation of charges must be concluded within 35 days unless the case was considered complex. The law prescribes penalties for forced labor of up to 20 years' imprisonment with fines; such penalties were sufficiently stringent.

The law also provides for a public defense attorney for every person who cannot afford an attorney, but staffing levels were inadequate to meet demand. The Supreme Court may review the decision of an agency to deny access to information. Sharmazanov claims that his views are based in Christian teachings and supported by the Armenian Apostolic Church.

Some companies continued the practice of paying every eight days, a biweekly salary with the four-by-four schedules, instead of every seven days, a weekly salary with a standard hour schedule.

A nationwide ban on so called gay propaganda any discussion of LGBTQ issues around minors came into
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