Open Café is an institution in the Marais where the gay community congregates at night before headin

In their previous lives, these hotels were banks, brothels, and more. If a stay here feels a little too risqué, try the Malmaison in Glasgow, which was formerly an Episcopal church. To make the ambience a little filmy, the walls of the cafe display famous movie dialogues and posters of film stars.

Opened in , the building was originally the Charles Street Jail, home to several famous inmates, including Malcolm X and Sacco and Vanzetti. The first of the boutique luxury chain's hotels to open was once a seaman's mission and later a house of ill repute.

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  • Opened in , this cliff-hugging hotel was originally a closed-order Dominican monastery famous for their sfogliatelle , a filled shell-shaped pastry that later became known as "Santa Rosa.
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  • When this castle-like structure opened in October , it was as a railway station.
  • While the suite boutique hotel has been updated with modern amenities, such as WiFi and flat screens, the building's internal structure remains, along with carefully preserved frescos.
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Walk to the end of the street, turn right onto rue Francois Miron and then left onto rue Tiron. By the s, the ChampsElysées had become a garish strip, with too much traffic, too many fast-food joints, and panhandlers. Today, place Blanche is known for its prostitutes, and Montmartre is filled with honkytonks, souvenir shops, and terrible restaurants.

Never particularly accepted by any artistic circle, he is the most popular painter in the world today his paintings fetch record sums at auction, and he sells more postcards and posters than any other artist , even though he sold only one painting in his short life.

Open Café is an institution in the Marais where the gay community congregates at night before headin
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