Grindr eliminates the need for the usually flawed gaydar

I am not going to accept this call from PJ just like that on the face of it, self aggrandizement here as he seems to have forgotten what he has helped to put us through with regards to fueling homophobia and homo-negativity while being a powerful member of the PNP and as the longest serving Prime Minister.

OckyDub , 8 years ago 5 min read. COM Jun. The irony is that this type of intolerant behaviour alienates potential allies.

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  • When asked why he decided to sign up, he candidly answered: " Eh hindi pa ako nagkaka-jowa [I've never had a boyfriend yet] eh. See Buchanan, supra note , at 15—
  • LeSueur and agree it is hard to date and find an equal partner.

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Grindr eliminates the need for the usually flawed gaydar
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